Archangelica Eucalyptus Ointment


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This homeopathic ointment brings rapid relief from the symptoms of all kinds of cough.

Archangelica Eucalyptus Ointment brings rapid relief to all kinds of cough, especially when glands and lymph tissue are swollen. Apply to the chest and throat, add a flannel covered hot water bottle on top and – voilà! It can be used every 1-2 hrs throughout the day and night for acute care, decreasing to 2-3 times a day as symptoms improve. Head to our blog to learn more about this remedy. Each tube contains: Approx. 90 pea size applications
Active Ingredient: 100 gm contains: 10 gm Archangelica (Longwort) 1X, 30 gm Oleum Eucalypti (Eucalyptus oil) 1X
Inactive Ingredients: Organic olive oil, Distilled water, Lanolin, Beeswax, Lanolin alcohol, Sorbic acid, Tea tree oil, Grapefruit seed extract.


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