Calendula Essence


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A go-to remedy for aiding in the repair of cut, grazed or wounded skin.

For cuts, grazes, and wounds, clean with a solution of Calendula Healing Essence (1/2 teaspoonful to 1/4 cup lukewarm water). A fantastic remedy to keep around for whenever accidents happen. For best results, use immediately after skin abrasions occur. May use the Essence for cleansing sensitive or troubled skin, for compresses, and for a mouthwash as part of aftercare after a dental procedure. Apply Calendula Healing Gel 2-3 times daily for extra relief. Under age 2: Consult a physician.
Active Ingredient: 100 gm contains: 20 gm Calendula 1X
Inactive Ingredients: Distilled water, 20% Organic cane alcohol


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