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Uriel’s Philosophy

Uriel Pharmacy manufactures and sells anthroposophic, homeopathic and all-natural medicines, remedies and body care products. We see our homeopathic pharmacy as part of a community of doctors, nurses, therapists, retailers and you, our customers. We sell our treatments and remedies directly to the public via our online homeopathic pharmacy, at our East Troy, Wisconsin, location, and through professionals and practitioners who dispense them to their patients.

We continue to grow by responding to the unique needs of our community and by honoring our commitment to high-quality ingredients and standards of processing for our remedies, treatments and body care products with the anthroposophic, homeopathic approach. It is our mission to continue to serve the needs of our community with products we believe support the health of our customers and of our planet. Every step of the way, we instill the rhythmic and sustaining qualities of nature into our small-batch manufacturing processes – unlocking the highest potency and effectiveness in our products.

History of Uriel Anthroposophic Pharmacy

Uriel Pharmacy was founded in 1996 by Mark McKibben, an anthroposophic pharmacist, to meet the needs of doctors and patients in the USA who wanted remedies and natural body care products prepared in the anthroposophic manner. Anthroposophic medicines are used throughout the world. Mark is trained in the WALA and Weleda methods of pharmacy, which are famous around the world for their purity and potency standards. The success of our anthroposophic pharmacy is also based on collaboration with clinicians who have helped to formulate many of our Uriel homeopathic product lines.

Located in the biodynamic farming community of East Troy, Wisconsin, USA, we manufacture our remedies in small batches and with great care to ensure their vitality and effectiveness. We source local, biodynamic and organic ingredients whenever possible for all of the homeopathic and all-natural products available in our online store and retail shop. Furthermore, we’ve even created wifi-free spaces to respect the subtle processes of homeopathic potentization. 

The Honest Truth

In a world that is increasingly disconnected from nature and from an understanding of our self-healing capacities, our mission and products are special. That is why we create all Uriel products according to well studied relationships between nature and human beings.

Our products are formulated to treat the root cause of disease and strengthen the ability of the human being to self-heal and become more resilient on all levels of health. This ultimately results in a better quality of life and overall health.

Our Standards

We are highly selective about the ingredients we source and how they are used to make our homeopathic products. At the core of each and every homeopathic remedy we create, is quality.

preparing homeopathic treatments

Responsibly Sourced

We obtain the majority of our materials from biodynamic, organic and sustainable sources and try our best to source from local growers around the country. We strongly believe in cultivating North American plants and continue to develop resources toward this goal. Lastly, we never test on animals.


High Purity & Safety Standards

Our customers trust our products because they support resiliency without harmful side effects and are safe for people of all ages. Our products are made with minimal to no additives and meet all FDA manufacturing standards. Our Quality Assurance team reviews each step in the manufacturing process. We use in-house micro-testing for purity and third-party testing according to FDA guidelines. We also make our products in small batches so that we can focus on quality rather than quantity.


Meticulous Production Processes

Our plant extracts are taken through rhythmic processes developed by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka based on indications from Rudolf Steiner. We usually do water based extractions where we expose plants to the light of the rising and setting sun as well as alterations of warmth and cold. This results in uniquely vitalized remedy substances.


Proven Formulas & Continuous Evolvement

All of our remedies are formulated by physicians and have been tested and used in clinical settings around the world for decades. We are continuously innovating and improving formulations of our products with clinicians all over North America. Additionally, over the last decade, we’ve created many new remedies to meet emerging needs. Research and development is a key part of our future.

Giving Back

Each year, we make significant donations and contributions toward different training programs for anthroposphic medicine, integrative medicine and research. It is always our goal to give back where we can.

Serving Healing Professions

We serve real human needs.

We create hundreds of specialized products for individual needs. Following the anthroposophic approach, we generally produce more than 1,000 different homeopathic products every year in small batches. While this is not usually considered the avenue to business success, we make it work because we want to be of service. We are always looking for feedback to help us improve and better meet your needs.

A Focus on Customer Service

For new customers seeking advice, we can refer you to practitioners who are familiar with homeopathy and our products. If you are a physician, we can refer you to other independent physicians who can advise about training in homeopathy and for mentoring opportunities. Our website was built to serve you and make it easy to purchase homeopathic remedies online.

We endeavor to provide outstanding customer service and to ship all orders within 24 hours.

Our Company & Staff

We strive to create a good environment for our employees at our East Troy, Wisconsin, facilities. Our mission is to create meaningful work through education and moral purpose.

To that end, we never compromise quality or philosophy for profit. Our product quality and the level of detail we take in our manufacturing processes will always remain at the core of who we are.

A New Perspective on Health

The founder of spiritual science, Rudolf Steiner, often said that illness is not “pathological” but rather a normal response to an imbalance in our body. The emerging science of salutogenesis (the origins of health as opposed to disease), suggests that within each of us lives the innate ability to “create health” and to balance the constant polarities of illness that approach us at integrated levels of body, mind and spirit.

Uriel Pharmacy supports forms of healing that are intended to activate our body’s own spectrum of resistance, resilience and dynamic heterostasis. We believe strongly that this modern approach can bring about a paradigm shift in our thinking about health and stimulate a renewal in all specialties of modern medicine.

gathering wild garlic leaves

What lies behind the name, Uriel?

The imaginative picture of the archangel known in ancient Jewish and Christian traditions as Uriel, inspires our company mission and journey for the future. The archangel Uriel represents a striving for truth and wisdom as a foundation for an honest assessment of reality. The wisdom embodied in nature is scientific, sacred, ever changing and evolving. Uriel strives to create remedies that are true to the relationship between the human being and nature, which fulfill the health challenges of our practitioners and patients.

It is known that Uriel appears as a “spark,” inspiring us forward to evolve into new possibilities for the future. At Uriel Pharmacy, we continue to search for the light and wisdom that will make remedies which truly address the emerging needs of our present culture.