Silk Lip Balm


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Real silk powder helps retain moisture and protect lips, leaving them soft, smooth and silky.

Uriel's long-lasting, all-natural Silk Lip Balm helps to retain moisture and protects your lips against the harshest of elements. Its light Peruvian Balsam scent and real silk powder help to restore your lips' natural balance and leave them feeling soft, smooth, and silky. Retain your healthy, youthful lips with the rich antioxidant carrot essence and the healing benefits of calendula essence.
Ingredients: Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Beeswax, Apricot oil, Cocoa butter, Organic lecithin, Sunflower seed oil, Organic olive oil, Anthyllis essence, Calendula essence, Carrot essence, St. John's wort essence, Peruvian balsam, Silk powder


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