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Rose Oil

Browse our customer and employee favorites, like our popular Aurum Lavender Rose cream – it’s top rated for a reason! 

All Natural bath and body care products

Our line of gentle bath and body products include invigorating scents meant to awaken your senses and calm your mind.

all natural skin care products

Gently soothe your skin with our all natural toners, hydrating moisturizers, nourishing lotions and silky soft lip balm. 

homeopathic cold, flu and allergy treatments

Prevent and ease cold, flu and allergy symptoms with a variety of natural treatment options, including pellets, liquid medicine and topicals.

homeopathic pain and first aid treatments

Be prepared for life’s sometimes painful surprises with fast-acting, natural remedies from our pain and first aid collection – all safe for ages 2 and over.

Homeopathic and all natural wellness products

Restore balance, relieve stress, and calm the body, mind, and spirit with products from our wellness collection.

natural and homeopathic women's health treatments

Products designed to provide support throughout life, including strengthening bones and providing menopause support.

homeopathic remedies and treatments for children

Our kids’ line is uniquely formulated for them, with treatments for common ailments like ear infections, teething relief, rashes and more.