Solum Aesculus Lemon Body Oil


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Homeopathic allergy relief that can be used as a body oil. This treatment helps fight against environmental fatigue, with lemon to benefit people with seasonal allergies.

This homeopathic body and bath oil combines the protective qualities of peat extract with the balancing properties of horse chestnut, horsetail and St. John's wort. Lemon is added to support people with seasonal allergies or hay fever. For best results, massage the oil directly onto the skin. Under age 2: Consult a physician. Shake well before use. Each bottle contains: Approx. 25 capfuls
Ingredients: Organic olive oil, Peat extract, Lanolin, Lanolin alcohol, Horse chestnut seed extract, Horsetail extract, Aesculus Essence, Equisetum Essence, Essential oil blend, St. John's wort extract


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