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The flu comes on when we are stressed and run down, especially in the cold, dark of winter, but also any time that we may feel weakened. That is when we need more warmth and light in our bodies. In winter, we look forward to holiday company and good cheer. It brings brightness, warms our heart and makes us feel stronger and healthier. We feel centered and connected to others we care about. Depression and anxiety are kept at bay.

With current socio-economic conditions causing greater fear and anxiety, it is all-important to remain positive and clear-headed to navigate and understand the times we live in.

Uriel Pharmacy makes a homeopathic remedy to provide warmth, light and coherent stability when it’s most needed, whatever season it may be: Meteoric Iron Phosphorus Quartz pellets and ampules.

How These Ingredients Work:

Meteoric Iron: Shooting stars! We literally put the energy of flaming meteors streaking across the sky into this remedy. Meteors are composed of cosmic iron with smaller amounts of cobalt and nickel. Did you know shooting stars flame out and disintegrate into dust as they fall to earth? 15,000 tons of meteor dust falls to earth every year! That’s 41 tons every day, all around the world. (In addition to the occasional more massive meteor strike, as happened a few years back to a family in New Zealand – a softball-sized meteor crashed through their roof and sat smoking on the sofa!)

meteor showers August is the time of the Perseid meteor showers, seen at night in front of the constellation of Perseus (the ancient Greek hero and slayer of monsters!) It is one of the most abundant and visible showers for meteor watchers. This year, 2021, 60-100 meteors per hour are expected on the nights of August 11th-12th.

Suitably prepared, meteoric iron brings us light and warmth in a form we can assimilate, giving us the sword of the archangel Michael with which to courageously conquer the anxiety-producing dragons of uncertainty and oppression (not to mention depression) by thinking clearly and acting strongly.


We also put pure, elemental phosphorus into this remedy, a substance that doesn’t exist in nature by itself because it immediately combines with air to form a mineral compound. Because of this, we have to isolate it in the laboratory.

When pure phosphorus is exposed to air, it burns brightly, (as seen in this video), revealing its inherent light and warmth. Again, when prepared appropriately, that light and warmth are retained in Meteoric Iron Phosphorus Quartz pellets and ampules to help reinvigorate those suffering from exhaustion from the flu.


Almost everyone has seen a beautifully transparent quartz crystal, formed from silicon dioxide. To make quartz energy available to the human body, we crush it into a fine powder, destroying the beautiful form but releasing its energy. Then we dilute and triturate it by hand for some time until it can be dissolved in a liquid (to create pellets or ampules).

quartz crystals in Meteoric Iron Phosphorus Quartz What happens to the beautiful form of the crystal? Just as quartz crystal was formed long ago in nature by deposition out of a saturated liquid, we can gradually return the rock hard crystal to a liquid state by our pharmaceutical processes. This makes the formative, regulating crystal energy available to the human being; the form becomes outwardly invisible but inwardly active as a remedy.

In the case of the flu, we may feel ourselves somewhat of a shambles as we miss the vital organizing force that enables our “I” or individual self to feel collected and effective in our body. Meteoric Iron Phosphorus Quartz pellets and ampules helps us remain clear and active in our body, warm and full of light. It acts both for prevention and for treatment of the flu.

Directions for Meteoric Iron Phosphorus Quartz:

Pellets – Oral use only. For ages 12 and older, dissolve 10 pellets under the tongue three to four times daily.  Ages 2 to 5, take five pellets daily. Under two, consult a physician.

Ampules – Take contents of one ampule under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds and swallow.