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The founder of spiritual science, Rudolf Steiner, often said that illness is not “pathological” but rather a “normal” response to an imbalance in our organism. The emerging science of salutogenesis (the origins of health as opposed to disease), suggests that within each of us lives the innate ability to “create health” and to balance the constant polarities of illness that approach us at an integrated levels of body, mind and spirit.

Uriel supports forms of healing that are intended to activate our body’s own spectrum of resistance, resilience and dynamic heterostasis. We believe strongly that this modern approach can bring about a paradigm shift in our thinking about health and stimulate a renewal in all specialties of modern medicine.

A New Perspective on Health

Good nutrition is an example of salutogenic forces at work. Foods grown in healthy, non-polluted soils, as well as animals raised in humane, free-range environments is the basis for good nutrition. The process of digesting and transforming these nutrients goes well beyond the growing and maintenance of our bodies. These become elements and forces that we can absorb, incorporate and utilize in a way that nourishes vitality in our bodies, thoughts and actions. It is too often the case that “bad” food makes us ill and we become sensitive or allergic to our food and surrounding environment rather than meeting it with vitality and creative energy.

Uriel’s digestive remedies are based on salutogenic principles. These principles aid in our ability to turn nutrition into nourishment and strengthen our body’s resistance by fostering rejuvenation, resilience, self-regulation and self-healing.

Health is the ability to integrate and self-regulate. While this is important for all of us it is especially important in children. It is becoming more widely known that children who grow up in safe and playful environments that include good nutrition, parenting and education are better equipped to self-regulate and self-heal. This means they have neuroendocrine and immune systems that are more resilient in the face of resistance or environmental challenges.

At Uriel, we are part of a growing community that embraces the new salutogenic concept of health. This places a great responsibility on all of us to extend our thinking beyond the limitations of modern medicine while not abandoning what is good and helpful.

True health is a journey that strengthens us in all aspects of body, mind and spirit. Health is about vitality and resilience but also the transformation and ability to reach our inherent potential as human beings, described in our mission. Please join us in creating a larger community movement to redefine health in the modern age.