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By: Joyce Foley, RN, BSN, Esthetician

Why do I need a skin care routine?

As we mature the fluctuations of aging can lead to dryness, sensitivity, and uneven skin tone. The skin will undergo changes due to shifts in hormonal levels and oil production decreases. The skin can become dry and lose elasticity. An evening skin care routine is important to your body, mind, and soul. At night when you sleep your body is effectively removing waste products. The brain cleanses itself of toxic molecules. The liver and kidneys undergo cellular repair and regeneration to detoxify the body and restore it to optimal function, allowing your skin to breathe and restore while you sleep.

After a long day, before retiring at night or when you arrive home from work, try these skin enhancing and nurturing treatments to help revitalize skin, quiet the brain, and increase relaxation. First, fill your sink with warm water and add to it one of the Uriel Bath Oils.

Lavender Bath:  Calming, relaxing and beneficial for sensitive skin, and a restful nights sleep. Using a face cloth infused in the lavender bath oil, begin to compress your skin. This is the ahhhhh moment. The senses and face feel nurtured by the warm lavender compress. Combining a small amount of the Honey Almond Cleansing Cream and Viola Cleansing Milk in the palm of your hand makes a soothing and exfoliating cleansing experience. The Viola Cleansing Milk is also an excellent make-up remover. This mixture, used several times a week, will serve to exfoliate the skin leading to healthy and glowing skin.

Sage Bath: “The Holy Herb.” For centuries sage has been used for cleansing and medicinal purposes. Mixing sage bath oil into your nightly regimen is relaxing, helps reduce redness and improve the skin’s appearance. I love a sage bath when I am tired and need to feel restored. Follow with Viola Cleansing Milk alone or mix with Honey Almond Cleansing Cream.

Lemon Bath: The essential oil of lemon cools and rejuvenates the skin, especially after strenuous activity and exercise. In addition, it helps to improve energy and feel fresh especially in warm climates. The water temperature for this night-time regimen can be slightly cooler. Then, use a mixture of Viola Cleansing Milk and Honey Almond Cleansing cream to sooth and brighten the skin. To enhance the experience, end with Lemon Quartz Face serum.

Spruce Bath and Rosemary Bath: Both spruce and rosemary essential oils have warming and harmonizing benefits for the skin. The aromas of both oils are revitalizing, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Next, use the Viola Cleansing Milk and after washing this off, apply the Rhythmic Rose night Conditioner and a small amount of the Blackthorn Quince Massage and Body Oil to warm, moist skin. This is a great evening elixir for the skin.

A most pleasant ending to your night-time regimen is the Rhythmic Rose Night Conditioner. I truly find this conditioner so pleasurable before retiring for the evening.

A few words about the following products:

Aurum Lavender Rose Cream: Aurum (gold), is a homeopathic remedy used for temporary relief and protection from stress and tension. The Aurum Lavender Rose Cream applied morning and night provides a calming effect. I also use this viscous cream as a mask. Apply after washing your face. After applying cream to your face, apply the remaining through your hair adding moisture and a pleasant scent. While immersing yourself in a warm lavender bath, quietly meditate and relax. Enjoy the benefits of Aurum Lavender Rose Cream daily applied to the heart region for stress, anxiety, and overall wellness.

Rhythmic Rose Night Conditioner: I suggest people use this in the morning, during the day while traveling or straight after a workout and at bedtime. Why? The properties in this conditioner are essential to bringing the skin back to balance. When you are stressed and your face is flushed, use Rhythmic Rose Night Conditioner. This product is also exceptional for refreshing and rehydrating the skin while flying.

Rose Massage & Body Oil: The noblest of all scents is that of the rose. The flowers have their own characteristic fragrance and thus express a feeling of relaxation and warmth. I suggest mixing a few drops of the Rose Massage and Body Oil in the palm of your hand with your Day Cream. It truly blends well with Viola Day Cream and Radiant day Cream. Enjoy after a shower or in a bath. I love the mixture of the oil and cleansing milk, after washing my skin. It makes my skin feel so soft with the benefit of the Rose Oil.  As we age, oil is a great benefit to the skin at night

Bergamot Mint Massage & Body Oil: Bergamot is a soothing oil. Mixed with the aromatic scent and the warmth of Mint, I find this Body Oil so exciting to use. With the added ingredients of Arnica Flowers and Birch, this oil is great after a long walk or exercise and at bedtime to help relieve sore muscles. I also use it to tame my curly hair by working it through my dry locks. This gives my curls definition and my hair a beautiful shine.

Blackthorn Massage and Body Oil and Blackthorn Quince Moisturizer

Blackthorn oil has a significant history for the healing of rashes and skin impurities. I have used Blackthorn Oil in my Skin Care Practice for many years. Prunus Spinosa (Blackthorn), is thought to strengthen the body. This oil also has a special ingredient, Hypericum (St. John’s wort), which is used widely as an internal and external remedy. In my experience, this oil works very well with sensitive, red, and rosacea skin. The Blackthorn Massage and Body Oil is an excellent choice to use in one’s daily skin care routine. During the day, apply a small amount to your face with your moisturizer. At bedtime, apply a small amount after the Rhythmic Rose Night Conditioner.


I would like to introduce myself. I am Joyce Foley, RN, BSN, Esthetician and trained in Homeopathic Medicine. For the past 30 years I have provided skin care using Dr. Hauschka and Weleda Skin Care products. Both skin care lines are made using biodynamic agriculture and Anthroposophy. My skin care practice is based on the theories of Homeopathy and employing the philosophy of Anthroposophy. When I was introduced to Uriel Skin Care I was genuinely excited about this product as it too, incorporates Anthroposophy. Uriel Skin Care delivers a combination skin care and body care using specific healing plants. I have found Uriel Skin Care Products to be very interchangeable as I have outlined in my blog.

I would like to extend the opportunity for your questions and feedback. You can email me at: