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Viola Day Cream is a moisturizer applied in the morning after washing with Viola Cleansing Milk and applying Viola Facial Toner. This Viola Day Cream is for sensitive, normal and dry skin, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling fresh and silky.


Viola Day Cream has extracts of sweet violet, heartsease, small nettle, witch hazel and woundwort, as well as almond and jojoba oils.

Violets have been known throughout history for their unique, sweet scent and their softening, healing effect on the skin. Of course, the goal of facial care is to keep the skin soft and toned, full of vitality, especially as we grow older and gradually lose tissue turgor.

Heartsease is also called wild pansy or European violet. It is the variety from which most cultivated pansies have been derived. It prefers a slightly acidic and siliceous soil.

Witch hazel leaf acts as a mild astringent to tighten loose skin while small nettle brings its vitality to stimulate blood flow and strengthen circulation in the skin.

Woundwort or kidney vetch is a beautiful leguminous plant with bright yellow flowers, whose Latin name Anthyllis vulneraria means “wound-healing.”

kidney vetch

We also include a mild mixture of essential oils which give a pleasant scent and stimulate health-promoting circulation.

In the evening, the skin should be allowed to breathe, so it is recommended not to apply moisturizing creams at night. Instead, use Viola Cleansing Milk or Honey Almond Cleansing Cream, followed by Viola Facial Toner, Rhythmic Rose Night Conditioner or Lemon Quartz Face Serum.