Viola Cleansing Milk has extracts of sweet violet, small nettle and witch hazel, as well as almond and jojoba oils. We also include a mild mixture of essential oils which give a pleasant scent and stimulate health-promoting circulation. It gently cleans the face and neck, moisturizing and leaving skin feeling soft and fresh. It may also be used to remove makeup.

violet flowers - facial cleanser ingredient


Moisten the face with water and thoroughly massage into the skin. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry and apply Viola Facial Toner or Lemon Quartz Face Serum. In the morning, it can be followed by moisturizing Radiant Day Cream. In the evening, the skin should be allowed to breathe, so it is recommended not to apply moisturizing creams at night. Instead, use Honey Almond Cleansing Cream, followed by Viola Facial Toner or Rhythmic Rose Night Conditioner.