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Rosemary and Stinging Nettle for healthy hair?

Urtica Hair Tonic is designed for general use to support a healthy scalp and healthy hair growth. It has several powerful, healing ingredients such as rosemary and stinging nettle that are combined to create a healing hair tonic with a beautiful, rich scent.

How is Urtica Hair Tonic made?

The plant ingredients in the hair lotion are processed in a special 7 day process which includes rhythmic exposure of extracts to sunrise and sunset. After a 7 day process is completed, the plant remnants are ashed and then a portion is added back to the extract.

The healing ingredients in Urtica Hair Tonic

Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) is prepared by distillation of fresh plants and promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp by stimulating circulation. The rosemary plant is native to the Mediterranean region and thrives in hot, dry, otherwise inhospitable environments. The scent is bracing and awakening.

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) contains large amounts of iron and forms a dense network of regenerative rhizomes just under the soil surface. It can be “tough as a weed” but this tenacity serves it well in regenerating hair growth! Nettle accentuates the leafy part of the plant, the flowers are small and green, easily overlooked. The above ground parts are covered with silica hairs that are painful to the touch and cause itchy, red blisters. Silica is active at the periphery of the body in skin, hair and nails and strengthens healthy hair growth (see our companion product, Silica comp. Powder, a pleasant tasting mixture of active silica which makes a noticeable improvement in skin, hair and nails after only 4-6 weeks).

The birch tree (Betula pendula) has a youthful appearance, with its hanging, flexible branches waving in the wind (like a mane of hair!) and its unique white bark. It becomes white by separating hardening minerals out of the sap, which increases vitality in the leaves and keeps hair healthy and young. Birch tree

The other ingredients also stimulate warm, healthy circulation and vitality: horseradish, paprika, wall pepper, arnica, burdock root, soap bark, onion and peru balsam. Homeopathic potencies of fluorite (a natural occurring mineral unrelated to water fluoridation) and quartz are also included.

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