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What is Rheuma Ointment for?

Rheuma Ointment is helpful for a broad range of muscle and joint problems, from bruises and strained muscles to chronic arthritis pain. Its intriguing scent comes from a variety of warming, loosening, bracing essential oils – pine, fir, rosemary, lemon, peppermint, lavender, sage, camphor and menthol. A number of aqueous and oil-based plant extracts also contribute their healing energies: arnica, onion, comfrey, birch leaf, chamomile flowers, rosemary herb and hot pepper oleoresin, topped off by the warming influence of bright red copper oxide.

Source of Rheumatic Pain?

So where does arthritic or rheumatic pain come from in the first place? Due to limited space, we’ll have to make a long story short and say that a hard destiny can, to some extent, cripple our feelings or harden our soul’s responsiveness to life and to other people. Without examining our life, we may even be unaware of how or to what extent this may have happened. If we withdraw our enthusiasm or interest from life, our body can subtly become correspondingly and chronically cooled.


The wisdom of the body attempts to restore balance by using inflammatory processes to heat up the cooled tissues. Joints are predominantly affected because movement and form meet there directly and interact in a balanced or unbalanced way. Excessive cooling and solidifying calls forth a heated inflammatory response and pain can arise. Inflammation may then go too far and break down structures, leading to deformation and more pain. Conventional drugs, like anti-inflammatories, only address the end result, not the cause, and ultimately make the situation worse, if only by avoiding the real cause of deficient soul warmth which has become a physical problem. The process is complex and, as we said, this is only the short story! (For in-depth reading, one source is An Introduction to Anthroposophical Medicine by Victor Bott, available at Steiner Books.

REMEDIES for Rheumatic Pain? 

So what are the remedies? At a soul level, the “grief/destiny” situation can be addressed through artistic therapies (ex. therapeutic painting, speech and movement) as well as counseling. These all seek to restore soul warmth and engagement – to bring a positive sense of meaning to life.

Rheuma Ointment has warming essential oils that invite the soul back into the body, while plant extracts like birch and arnica, assist the body in eliminating tissue breakdown products and reforming healthy tissues. Rosemary speaks to our divine individuality or ego, with its fiery yet formed and balanced nature. Copper is the great generator and distributor of warmth, relieving congestion. (Try rubbing copper pennies between your fingers to relieve cold hands). Oleoresin of hot pepper (capsicum) fires blood circulation.


This ointment has a wide range of uses and may be safely employed for minor tissue trauma or more severe, chronically painful situations. In the latter case, consult an anthroposophic physician to obtain the most comprehensive and effective treatment. Our customer service team is happy to provide a list of doctors who offer telephone appointments.


Apply to skin 3-4 times daily at the first sign of joint stiffness and pain. May be used both short and long-term. Can be combined or alternated with Birch Arnica Massage and Body Oil, Cartilago Argentum Pellets and/or Cartilago Argentum Cream.