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Directions for use

Pulsatilla Tormentilla Pellets may be taken for psychic and physical symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). Take 10 pellets, under the tongue, 4x a day or up to every 2 hours. 

Pulsatilla (Pasque) Flower

The Pulsatilla (Pasque) flower is a classic remedy for the reproductive system. The homeopathic remedy picture emphasizes emotional sensitivity and lability. The small plant is among the first perennials to emerge in spring and flowers very quickly. The original native species used in the remedy is covered by Silica hairs and the flower dominates the plant as a whole, appearing sensitively and strikingly beautiful.  

Tormentilla (Potentilla Erecta)

Tormentilla (Potentilla erecta) is also called blood root. It has a finger-thick, horizontal and blood red rootstock, with tiny rootlets penetrating the earth from there. Resins and essential oils are also found in the roots, substances which normally occur in flowers. Tormentilla is used for excessive menstrual bleeding but also for uterine congestion.  

Hepar Magnesium

Hepar Magnesium is a combination of bovine liver and magnesium hydroxide. When the liver is sluggish it can lead to depression and irritability. Magnesium is a lightweight metal used in aircraft production. It is also used in flares and when magnesium wire is set ablaze the flare is too bright to look at. It is potentized before being added to this remedy. ln the hydroxide form it becomes a milky white semisolid (often used in antiacids). This changes the bright light of magnesium into light that works in water.  Thus, magnesium hydroxide makes the light of magnesium more inclined to the fluid, heavy liver. The overall effect is to brighten the mood in people with PMS. 

In combination, each of these carefully selected ingredients work together to help ease PMS symptoms.