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Quercus Borago Adult Suppository


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Active Ingredients: 100g contains: 5g Aesculus (Horse chestnut) 3X, 5g Borago (Borage) 3X, 5g Carduus mar. (Milk thistle) 3X, 5g Hamamelis (Witch hazel) 3X; Quercus (Oak) 1X, Mercurialis per. (Dog’s mercury) 2X, Stibium met. (Antimony) 3X
Inactive Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Micronized silica gel

1 review for Quercus Borago Adult Suppository

  1. David

    Most of us didn’t wait for FDA approval before getting our covid-19 vaccines. That was an emergency. When my hemorrhoids flare up, it is a personal EMERGENCY. Quercus Borago suppositories have proven effective in treating my sore butt!

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