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Arnica Betula B Pellets


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Active Ingredients: Betula (Silver birch leaves) 3X, Betula cort. (Silver birch, bark dried) 4X, Cerebellum (Bovine cerebellum) 17X, Corpora quad. (Bovine Quadrigeminal plate) 17X, Epiphysis (Bovine pineal body) 17X, Labyrinthus (Bovine inner ear) 17X, Medulla oblong. (Bovine Myelencephalon 17X, Nervus stat. (Bovine eighth cranial nerve) 17X, Arnica 30X, Onyx (Nat. Silicic acid with traces of iron oxide and carbon) 30X, Plumbum mellitum (Lead with honey) 30X
Inactive Ingredient: Organic sucrose


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