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Uriel Pharmacy produces a wide variety of homeopathic digestive remedies and treatments, based on the anthroposophic approach to medicine. Our products include treatments for digestive issues. The following are some of our “staff picks” for these type of of medicines.

Robinia Nicotiana Liquid

Robinia Nicotiana was created by a group of doctors to treat stomach hyperacidity and acid reflux. Taken regularly as indicated, especially just before or after meals it can reduce discomfort from these conditions.

But what is really the underlying cause of acid reflux? Conventional medicine rarely asks “why” in a meaningful way, beyond describing cellular and biochemical phenomena. Of course these are significant but this “micro” view leads treatment to focus on reversing whatever process appears “out of order” often using dangerous drugs. No real healing takes place.

Hyperacidity and acid reflux occur when our soul squeezes the body too tightly or aggressively, a process we are only partially aware of. Because of our hectic, pressured lives, full of sensory overload and desire to accomplish many things, the kidneys and stomach become chronically stressed.

Of course, “salutogenesis” (the creation of health) through self-care is the key to digesting life’s experiences. In the meantime, homeopathic digestive remedies can help to strengthen resilience.

With this in mind, let’s examine the ingredients of Robinia Nicotiana, all of which relate to overreach of conscious soul processes into unconscious vegetative life processes, the origin of acid reflux. If we cultivate an open mind while observing phenomena precisely, plant and mineral substances can show us how their sense-perceptible “gestures” or “expressions” relate to the illness process of oversensitivity and excessive drive.

Much could be said on this topic, but let’s make a very brief start with the following ingredients:

Robinia pseudoacacia (black locust), is a very hard, yet slender and graceful tree covered with spines. The leaves and especially the bark have toxic alkaloids and substantial quantities of protein (legume family). Although the wood is tough and heavy, Robinia shows its sensitivity by folding up its leaves at night and during wet weather. The many white flowers and compound leaves that are green above and pale below, add to its attractive appearance. We see hardness and sensitivity, a certain beauty but also toxicity.

locust tree Homeopathic Digestive Remedies Strychnos nux-vomica (strychnine tree), is native to India and southeast Asia.

Like black locust, the wood is hard and dense. The seeds used in the remedy are hard and flat, with a soft, wooly coating. The homeopathic digestive remedies picture shows overloading of the nerves: senses hyper-alert and irritable, with general nervousness.

Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco leaf), was included in Robinia Nicotiana to calm the excessive effect of the sensitivity organism on blood vessels (rather than predominantly nerves as in Nux vomica). Nicotine and tobacco inhaled in smoking temporarily calm the emotions while simultaneously increasing heart rate, leading to subconscious anxiety and a vicious circle. The homeopathic dose of Nicotiana is intended to relieve the emotional distress from undigested life experiences, which lead to hyperacidity and acid reflux.

tobacco plant leaves Homeopathic Digestive Remedies Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate), is a mineral combination of silver and nitric acid.

While silver is related to the world of life forces (hence its use in potentized form to treat overabundance of life in infections), nitric acid is a fuming, smoking, aggressive substance related to the air (79% nitrogen). Once again, a substance is chosen for the remedy that mediates between the soul world (air) and the life or etheric world (water), between conscious and sub-conscious functions whose balance is upset in acid reflux.

Natrium phosphoricum (sodium hydrogen phosphate): sodium is the extracellular electrolyte that maintains osmotic pressure in the organism. When combined with the “light-bearing” phosphorus it addresses our individual ego that can become too enmeshed in earthly, emotional complications and lose clear perspective.

In summary, the “combination of opposites” in Robinia Nicotiana creates polarities where we ourselves are challenged to establish a healthy balance. Unlike the conventional drug process which “does something to us” without our participation, here we are called to engage in our own healing process.

When we feel relief from hyperacidity and acid reflux, we can breathe easier and again acquire healthy perspective.

Carbo Chamomilla Powder

Carbo Chamomilla Powder is a prompt-acting remedy for acid reflux and gastric hyperacidity (as well as dyspepsia and diarrhea). Many people find best relief using more than the minimum dose (i.e. instead of ¼ tsp. in water, gradually increase up to 1-3 tsp. mixed in water).

The base of kaolin (China clay) acts as an adsorbent and strengthens rhythmical activity in the gastrointestinal tract.

The following ingredients stimulate the kidneys to properly distribute air in the stomach and intestines, relieving spasms, gas and distension/bloating: birch charcoal, chamomile and Calamus (sweet flag).

Excessive fluid is reintegrated harmoniously into the whole organism by Geum urbanum (avens root or herb bennet), Abrotanum (southernwood), gentian and homeopathically potentized Arsenicum album (non-toxic). Metabolism is warmed and the pancreas is stimulated by essential oils of caraway and anise. All of these elements combine to reduce acidity and strengthen balanced digestion.

Chicory Ginger Bitters 60ml

Bitters are a quick-acting, dynamic remedy for a long list of digestive complaints, as well as to strengthen mental focus and fatigue due to travel or stress.

Uriel’s Chicory Ginger Bitters (designed by doctors) contains the following rhythmically prepared herbs, extracted in pure water and exposed to the rising and setting sun for seven days: chicory, ginger, gentian, milk thistle, wormwood, sweet flag, celandine, turmeric, black pepper and natural lime flavor. It makes for a refreshing drink with sparkling water and a twist of lemon or lime!

Use Chicory Ginger Bitters to strengthen digestion for:

Hyper or hypoacidity, gastric atony, lack of appetite, functional liver or gall bladder disturbances, nausea, dyspepsia, weak digestion or constipation, fatigue, lack of concentration, indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux.

Chicory Ginger Bitters are also good for mental focus and mental fatigue due to travel (commuting, jet lag), lack of exercise or stress, as well as sleepiness and poor concentration.

Americans are accustomed to overuse sweets as a stimulus when fatigued or bored, unlike Europeans who appreciate it before or after meals. Try Chicory Ginger Bitters the next time you want sugar and watch the craving disappear! You will feel better – our mouth may avoid bitters but the liver loves them! And a healthy liver is key to a feeling of overall good health, which makes for more energy and a better mood! Maybe you know someone who could benefit? Shop now for homeopathic digestive remedies and more!