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Melissa Chamomilla was developed by doctors as a general remedy for menopausal complaints. For adults, dissolve 10 pellets under the tongue 3 times daily or up to every hour as needed.  

What are the unique benefits that each ingredient brings to this remedy?   

Chamomile Plant

Chamomile Root

The root of Chamomile is strongly related to air and light, which can be seen in the hollow flowers, very fine white roots and leaves that are reduced to leaf veins. Although chamomile is not an alpine plant, it does have certain similarities. We can observe the tendency of mountain plants to be smaller and have more finely chiseled leaves compared to the same plants grown at lower elevations, for example, yarrow. This is due to the stronger effect of sunlight in the thinner alpine air. While chamomile is not an alpine plant, it does show leaves reduced to leaf veins as an expression of powerful shaping forces.

Generally, plant roots have a greater affinity to the human senses, while flowers relate to metabolic functions and leaves to circulatory processes. Hence, chamomile root is used here to treat the nervous aspects of menopause, especially when there is insomnia, compulsive thinking or twitching on falling asleep. 

Lemon Balm (Melissa)

Lemon Balm Herb (Melissa)

Melissa is a harmonious looking plant with heart-shaped leaves and a refreshing scent of lemon. In herbal medicine it is known as a tea for relieving cramps, reducing flatulence and gently calming.  

Giant Squid

Sepia (Squid Ink)

The squid is a highly sensitive mollusk which excretes a cloud of blue ink when afraid or threatened, so it can escape unseen. It is especially helpful for psychological symptoms of menopause: feeling overwhelmed by “forces from the depths”, or excessively nervous or fearful.   


Lachesis (venom from the bushmaster snake), relieves fear and depression which are often associated with excited overreaction in menopause. It is a South American snake that resembles the rattlesnake in appearance. The pure venom causes bleeding and kidney failure. Fortunately it is used in a diluted homeopathic dose which helps stop excessive bleeding. The name Lachesis is borrowed from one of the three fates of Greek mythology named Lachesis. The fates set the term of each person’s life, which the snake is certainly able to do! Again, the homeopathic dose exerts an opposite effect as a healing remedy. No worries!  

Monkshood Flowers

Aconitum Napellus (Monkshood Tuber)

The homeopathic remedy picture recorded in materia medica describes congestion of the female sexual organs and suppressed menstrual flow from coldness or shocks. Aconitum is one of the most violent plant poisons, therefore of course it is used medicinally only in minute homeopathic doses. In a tiny dose Aconitum stimulates a healing reaction in the body to restore balance. 


In conclusion, the ingredients in Melissa Chamomilla Pellets may sound intimidating, however it is important to note that only very minute amounts of the ingredient are taken and potentized before being used in the remedy. Through the potentizing process, the actual ingredient becomes extremely diluted, but the healing properties of the ingredients are magnified. This makes the remedy effective for treating symptoms without any of the negative side effects that one would normally experience when consuming the ingredients in their original state.