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Lemon Quince Spray is a lot more beneficial than one might think. The lemon tree thrives in warm climates and reveals a dynamic polarity between burgeoning life forces (evergreen leaves, abundant juicy fruits) and the extreme condensing action of light (short, intense flowering; thorn-formation; sour fruits; leathery peel). This signature of the lemon points to its medicinal application where the organism overreacts to external stimuli with excessive fluid secretion in the eyes, nose and sinuses – commonly known as seasonal allergies.

lemon tree

The quince tree resembles the apple in many respects, favoring cooler climates and producing a large, apple-like, yellow fruit. However, as with the lemon, the fruit never ripens to sweetness. Quinces are hard, heavy fruits that are indigestible without the addition of large amounts of sugar and warmth (such as when cooking down to jam or jelly). Their cool, heavy qualities and strongly gelatinous nature relates to fluid accumulation and mucosal degeneration.

quince tree with fruit

Both lemon and quince are held back from ripening by powerful structuring forces. This is just what is needed by those with seasonal allergies, where the proper boundaries of the organism are overrun.

At Uriel, we make our own aqueous extracts from biodynamically grown fruits, using a rhythmical process of exposure to sunrise and sunset over a period of seven days, with addition of plant ash at the end. This instills the substances with healing morning and evening forces. Shop our homeopathic Lemon Quince Spray.


Ages 12 and older: 1-2 sprays

Ages 2-11: 1 spray

Under Age 2: Consult a physician