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Lemon Quartz Face Serum refreshes, strengthens and tones the skin, especially when used at night following Honey Almond Cleansing Cream. It contains extracts of red clover blossoms, quince fruits, bryophyllum and essential oil of lemon in a gel base of colloidal silica.

Quince looks like a large apple and the flowers have a delicately sweet, fresh scent. Curiously, the fruits never really ripen, so their taste is astringent rather than sweet. Only by cooking with sugar can they be made into an edible jelly. The seeds are able to hold a large amount of water in a gel state. For example, 30 seeds in a pint of water made a hair gel in Victorian times to hold curls! This toning, tightening quality of quince benefits the skin as well.

quince fruit

From the point of view of mineral substance, the skin is largely silica – over 90% of its remainder ash is silica! Skin provides our border with the world – sensitive to touch and warmth, it really is our largest sense organ. The skin on the face, with far more nerve endings than most areas of the body, is especially highly sensitive and responsive. The skin’s appearance, whether radiant or otherwise, mirrors our internal health as well, so “inside” and “outside” may both need care. For this reason, Lemon Quartz Face Serum is made in a base of colloidal silica (colloidal being a more soluble, bioactive form). The health and beauty of skin, hair and nails can also be supported from within by regular use of Silica comp. Powder.

Bryophyllum, also called the “life plant” and “mother of thousands,” is a succulent plant from Madagascar, which we grow in greenhouses. It is so full of life energy that rather than waiting to form seeds, it produces whole new plants along the edges of every leaf – hundreds if not thousands. Used in Lemon Quartz Face Serum, it rejuvenates the skin and allays hardening tendencies.

lemon tree

Lemon oil from the outer skin of lemons is another example of the hidden therapeutic virtues in a well-known plant. Lemons are frequently used in anthroposophic medicine for treating allergies, since the firm but supple skin separates the reactive, acidic juice inside from the world at large. It helps us maintain our own proper border without over-reacting to stimuli, as in allergies. The essential oil from lemon also refreshes and warms the skin. To experience its relationship to fire/warmth, try squeezing lemon skin into a candle and watch the flame jump!


Apply a few drops to the face and neck in the morning and evening after cleansing