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Lavender Quartz Ear Oil is a soothing combination of numerous healing herbs, homeopathic potencies and essential oils.

Aconitum (monkshood), Belladonna and Rhus tox. (poison ivy) at 30X are harmless but effective remedies for pain and inflammation. Even though derived from dynamic poisonous plants, when potentized (diluted and shaken), the substance is converted into non-toxic healing energy.

Quartz has an anti-inflammatory, cooling effect, just like the clear, calm, translucent quartz crystal. We provide it in both high potency (30X) and more concentrated (1% = 2X).

lavender field

Lavender oil is also cooling and soothing to the nerves, which relieves pain. Garlic extract is a long-standing remedy to ward off inflammation and infection. Taken together with Verbascum (mullein) flowers, vitamin E and Levisticum (lovage) root, they quickly relieve ear discomfort.

Directions for Lavender Quartz Ear Oil:

This Oil is used topically to treat earache and swimmer’s ear. It should not be used with ruptured eardrums (see a physician in this case). Use 1-2 drops in the affected ear 3-4 times a day or up to every 2 hours. Best if oil is warmed to body temperature before use (hold the bottle or put between hot water bottles). Refrigerate after opening.