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Uriel’s skin care remedies are produced with anthroposophic, homeopathic processes. Our plants are grown on biodynamic organic farms. The herbs used in our products are exposed to the light dynamic of sunrise and sunset: the energetic expansion of sunrise and the restful drawing together of sunset.

Each ingredient in a remedy is chosen by anthroposophic doctors for a specific reason. Unlike mass distributed medicine, we serve physicians who create remedies for patient needs, not vice verse. We are excited to share with you our way of working. Please enjoy this inside look into a few of our natural, homeopathic skin care products!

Borago Lavender Lotion

This lavender-scented formula for varicose or tired, heavy legs goes back to doctors at the Ita Wegman Klinik in Switzerland (now Klinik Arlesheim), the first anthroposophic hospital in the world.

We combine the following healing herbs in a base of colloidal silica:

Witch hazel leaf distillate has a gently astringent, toning action on the skin when veins have lost their turgor. The branches of this small tree are pliable and may be used as dousing rods to find underground water, indicating its connection with the fluid element in nature and the human being.

borage flowers for natural skin care Borage is a juicy plant whose hollow stems and wrinkly leaves are covered with fine siliceous hairs and adorned with delicate blue-red blossoms – a picture of how the elements of air and light overcome the rank, heavy impression it might otherwise convey. Just what is called for when venous blood flow becomes sluggish. Bees are strongly attracted to the flowers!

The tall horse chestnut tree (up to 130 feet!) brings forth large smooth-shiny seeds. They pop out of hard, extremely prickly seed coverings. The tree has a dense canopy and shallow roots that enable it to tolerate wet soils. Horse chestnuts draw up and evaporate more water through their leaves than any other tree. Again we see the gesture of overcoming heaviness and bringing form, both in the seed covers and in the beautiful upright, fragrant flower formations.

chestnut tree leaves and buds

Yellow clover is a two-year nitrogen-fixing legume that flowers in the second year. The entire plant has a sweet smell. It can relieve pain and inflammation due to venous congestion.

Echinacea Calendula Gel

coneflow - echinacea - homeopathic body care ingredient Our Echinacea Calendula Gel was developed by doctors to treat problems of dry, devitalized skin, typically seen in older people. As we age, regenerative powers decline and skin may become thin and atrophied. Wounds may heal slowly.

Echinacea, Calendula and European Mistletoe (Viscum album) all have an enlivening effect on the skin.

Rosemary oil brings warmth and improves circulation. Copper and vinegar combine to make a beautiful blue salt which is potentized to help the skin “breathe out” all the way to the extremities, increasing vitality.

Marvelously scented, larch resin helps us to breathe deeply, overcoming hardening, degenerative tendencies in the skin. Potentized silver counters infection by stimulating our inherent life energy to take full possession of our body.

Silica comp. Powder

Use of this pleasant tasting, important mineral supplement twice a day can lead to better looking skin, hair and nails in as little as 30 days.

wild plant

Skin elasticity and strength depends on the swelling capacity of connective tissue. Diminished skin elasticity, as well as brittle hair and nails,  can result from a disturbance in metabolism of silicic acid in the skin’s connective tissue.

Plant and mineral sources of silica are used in Uriel’s Silica comp. Powder, as well as homeopathic remedies that support digestion and improve organ function.

Take twice daily on the tongue or with a little water or even mixed in a smoothie!