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Cartilago Argentum Pellets and Cream is a homeopathic, anthroposophic remedy for pain due to inflammatory arthritis. As is typical in homeopathy, it contains substances that mirror the illness process, which in dynamized form, stimulate the body to heal.

Mandragora (mandrake root): Mandrake root has a highly poisonous alkaloid and the plant reveals a one-sided emphasis on root formation. The leaves are held close to the root in an almost succulent rosette and the small flowers are hidden. This indicates a compression of energy into the root zone which can be used therapeutically to treat illnesses affecting “nerve-sense” parts of the body. An example of this is in the joints, where we are normally sensitively aware of our own movements. In arthritis, part of our being enters too deeply into the joints while another part withdraws. This leads to stiffening of healthy structures and then to secondary inflammation, which tries to overcome the “cooling” stiffening process but ultimately destroys the healthy form. Mandragora can help us “reallocate our resources” so joints can perform the healthy function of perceptive movement.

Betula, Antimonite, Argentum, and Cartilago


Betula (Birch leaf): If you watch the birch tree, especially the pendulous variety, it remains flexible and mobile, appearing like a dancer among trees. The long, slender branches hang down almost to the ground and sway gently with the wind. Birch remains youthful, even directing hardening mineral salts away from the leaves to the white, papery bark, allowing the leaves to be softer and more vital.

Antimonite is a mineral composed of antimony (Stibium) and sulfur. It is found in highly structured ray-like crystals. In this way, antimonite shows how the “volcanic” inflammatory warmth of sulfur can again be harnessed into healthy form.


Argentum: Silver has a relation to vital life processes, both when they are too strong, as inflammation, or too weak, in hardening and breakdown. It endeavors to restore healthy balance.

Cartilago: Bovine cartilage extract from biodynamically raised cows has a regulating, balancing effect, guiding degenerative and secondarily inflamed cartilage back to health.


Dissolve 10 pellets 3-4 times daily under the tongue or apply cream 3-4 times daily to affected area.