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Tiredness, exhaustion and nervousness are often due to insufficient kidney activity. Birch Juniper Rejuvenation Syrup strengthens the harmonizing, detoxifying action of the kidneys, thus treating these problems at their source.

Birch Juniper Rejuvenation Syrup is made with extracts of birch leaf and juniper berries in a base of water, honey and organic sugar cane juice.

The kidneys are a very important organ whose task is to maintain balance between two polar-opposite energies in the body: anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is the upbuilding nutritive forces which maintain life and vitality, while catabolism breaks down substances, and according to the anthroposophic approach to medicine, enables us to be awake during the day through our sense organs and to think clearly.

One way to think of this polarity is to look at the opposite ends of life: a baby is warm, full of vitality and grows rapidly, but sleeps most of the time. In contrast, the elderly tend to feel cold, lack vitality and need less sleep, but have a rich life experience to reflect on. The kidneys and other internal organs have less vitality as we age. This is normal and good for the body so we can be conscious. But premature imbalance or weakness is an illness that can be addressed with anthroposophic medicine.

The birch tree, especially Betula pendula or weeping birch, shows a supple tree that waves in the wind, similar to the weeping willow in appearance. The branches are flexible and the leaves spring-like. They may help us avoid sclerosis and concretions with their diuretic effect.

Juniper Tree

The juniper is a small to medium evergreen tree that has a spare, twisted look of a wintry survivor rather than a spring-like thriver. The roots are very hard and tough. Junipers are native to far northern regions where they tolerate extreme cold. They express inner warmth in the essential oils of the needles and berries. This warmth can be utilized in Birch Juniper Rejuvenation Syrup to warm the kidneys and prevent premature aging and sclerosis.


Take 1-2 teaspoonfuls twice a day for several weeks at a time, undiluted or mixed with herbal tea or mineral water.