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Birch Arnica Massage and Body Oil relieves tired muscles and sore joints and can be used regularly after exercise or physical work.

Birch tree If you watch the birch tree, especially the Silver variety, it remains flexible and mobile, appearing like a dancer among trees. The long slender branches hang down almost to the ground and sway gently with the wind. Birch remains youthful, directing hardening mineral salts away from the leaves to the white, papery bark, allowing the leaves to be softer and more vital.

Arnica is well-known for restoring soft tissues after trauma. Its golden flowers grow in alpine mountain meadows where plentiful water is available to balance the clear, strong sunlight of higher altitudes. Arnica brings life and form together again when tissues are damaged.


Stinging nettle leaves can be eaten in spring as a strengthening tonic or made into a soup or salad. Nettle energizes the body as a massage oil, stimulating metabolism. The prickly hairs covering the plant are made of silica, which brings light and formative energy to the skin.

Burdock is a large, powerful plant that grows in waste places that other plants can’t handle. Its seeds are covered with siliceous hairs, while the bitter root is used for this body oil. It helps the body to eliminate and cleanse by stimulating excretion.

We also add extract of red wood ants. Ants are the compost makers of the forest, tirelessly collecting dead substances and carting them home to be turned into humus, the basis of renewed life and fertile soil. Ant extract helps the body get rid of breakdown products by excreting them.

Lastly, fiery, aromatic anise oil is added to further stimulate and warm metabolism, promoting healthy digestion that is mirrored in healthy skin.

Anise Seeds


Massage oil into sore muscles or painful joints 3-4 times a day.