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Aurum Lavender Rose Cream and Body Oil provides a calming, protective buffer when we feel stressed or oversensitive to the environment (both body and soul). People with heart ailments also find it very helpful. Described in another way, it helps overcome the state of being “thin-skinned.”

How does it do this?

Peat extract provides a mantle of warmth and protection around the body, strengthening the ability of the skin to act as a permeable but definite border between our inner life and the outer world. The formation of peat in nature occurs in bogs when generations of plants grow and subside over long periods of time but do not deteriorate completely. The plants maintain a fibrous form that is preserved indefinitely. A spongy, living layer is formed below the surface. Dried peat has inherent warmth, being used as a fuel like firewood, as well as for insulation. We process fresh peat and include it for its warming, buffering qualities.

The Three Wise Men

Aurum Lavender Rose Body Oil

The Three Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Noble gold is a sun-like precious metal, related to the brilliant powers of clear, noble thought. Frankincense is a balsamic, milky resin obtained from the bark of the tropical, feather-leafed incense tree. Since ancient times, it has been used as incense to enable the soul to expand and enter a higher spiritual condition. Myrrh is a bitter resin obtained from the Middle Eastern Commiphora bush, which is dried into crystal-like clumps and used to treat wounds or preserve physical forms. Together, these three substances support the healthy balance of thinking, feeling and will, which we may experience as well-being.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil comes from the purple lavender flowers growing in southern France, well known for their calming, nerve-soothing, embracing fragrance.

Rose oil is the most costly of essential oils. It takes 3,500 pounds of rose flowers to make one pound of oil. The rose has accompanied humanity since ancient times and has always had a special relationship to the heart. The rose also shows remarkable balance between the three parts of the bush: strong, deep roots; abundant, well-developed foliage; and the incomparable blossoms. All three aspects are strongly developed and yet in harmonious balance.

Aurum Lavender Rose Cream

The horse chestnut tree prefers to grow in moist soils, where it takes up large quantities of water and emanates it to the periphery. It has a relationship to our liver, which is the organ of fluid balance. In contrast, the horsetail plant, although also preferring moist soil, is a dry, archaic plant composed of up to 70% silica. Silica is the same element that forms the quartz crystal, with its remarkable clarity and transparency to light. Thus, we include horse chestnut seeds and horsetail herb to balance the processes of water and light in the body.

Taken as a whole, all these ingredients promote balance and harmony in the human being, specifically in situations of stress, anxiety or hypersensitivity.


Aurum Lavender Rose Cream can be applied over the heart and chest area twice daily. Aurum Lavender Rose Body Oil may be used for general massage of the whole body at any time.