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Arnica Nettle Gel and Arnica Nettle Spray are amazing remedies for temporary relief of burns, sunburn, bug bites, bee stings, rashes, hives and more and should be in every kitchen and medicine cabinet. These remedies work best when applied immediately after injury. Reapply whenever pain returns.

Dwarf Stinging Nettle

Dwarf stinging nettle (urtica urens) is a smaller, annual version of the perennial, common nettle (urtica dioica), yet it has a greater number of stings per surface area and is preferred for burns and bites. This plant is covered with hollow silica hairs that also contain histamine and other substances that produce a stinging sensation as well as redness and swelling. For this reason, it is employed homeopathically for all manner of burns as well as insect bites and red, itchy rashes.


Dwarf Stinging Nettle for burn, itch relief

Arnica grows in granite mountain regions like the Swiss Alps (arnica montana) and the Rocky Mountains (arnica chamissonis), preferring moist areas such as along streams and in meadows. It is an excellent remedy for soft tissue damage, especially when used immediately after an injury. When combined with dwarf nettle, it dramatically assists recovery from burns and insect bites.

Arnica for homeopathic remedies


The bright orange Calendula flower is well-known to counter inflammation and prevent infection, hence Arnica Nettle Gel and Arnica Nettle Spray can also be used for first aid treatment of cuts and abrasions.


Thuja (arbor Vitae tree) and symphytum (comfrey) are included in our gel and spray remedies because they promote a renewal of deeper tissue layers. Lastly, colloidal silver supports regeneration and is an anti-bacterial.


Arnica Nettle Spray: Apply to skin several times daily as needed. Under age 2: Consult a physician. For sunburn, the spray is especially useful for applying without touching the skin and for covering large areas.

Arnica Nettle Gel: Apply gel to skin immediately or as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness. Re-apply this homeopathic treatment several times daily. Helpful Tip: Keep tube in the refrigerator or a cooler place to increase soothing sensation for hot feeling burns or bites. For burns, after the skin has reformed, use Rose Quartz Ointment to assist with complete healing. Seek medical attention if needed.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.