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Apis Levisticum Pellets are best used for earache or swimmer’s ear in combination with external application of Lavender Quartz Ear Oil.


Apis mellifera is the whole honeybee in homeopathic potency. When a bee stings, the resulting redness, swelling and pain is very similar to what happens in ear inflammation. The magic of homeopathy is to apply suitably prepared nature processes in a minute harmless dose that guides the body back to homeostasis or balanced good health.


Lovage Root

We also include Levisticum officinale (lovage root). Lovage is a plant whose leaves are often used to season soups and have a unique but characteristic savory-celery like smell. This is not a shy herb by any stretch. In addition to the predominant celery bite, lovage also offers a bit of a citrusy zing. The leafy appearance is of a heavier, fuller, more fleshy celery plant. In addition, it has a large rootstock with a strong scent, which we harvest in early spring. That is when the energy is concentrated, before it extends into leaves and flowers.

We extract it using a warmth process that emphasizes the root’s relation to metabolism. This enables it to address the “out of control” metabolism taking place in ear inflammation. In earaches, the destructive heat of digestive juices used to break down food is “displaced” into the sense organ for hearing, which normally should remain calm and cool to mediate sounds to our awareness. Just as lovage can season and balance soups and other dishes, it can settle the imbalance of metabolism in earache.


Children especially tend to get earaches and can benefit from some quiet time without electronic devices to experience healing remedies that can restore balance. They may thank you later!


Dissolve 5-10 pellets as directed under the tongue 3-4 times a day or up to every 2 hours for ear discomfort.