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Directions for use

Amber Amethyst Teething Cream is applied externally to the skin around the neck and face to relieve teething pain in young children. May be applied frequently. 

How is it made?

In creating this remedy, Uriel starts with our Solum Aesculus Cream, known to relieve pain and environmental sensitivity. It has peat moss and lavender oil as the chief ingredients, for soothing and buffering against irritation. Then we add finely powdered amber and amethyst.  

What is Amber?

Amber is an ancient, fossilized pine resin which occurs around the world. It is often washed ashore from the Baltic Sea after storms. Jewelry and beads are fashioned from irregular-shaped pieces. As a hardened resin, it retains warming qualities described by alchemy as “sulfuric”. It is commonly used as a beaded necklace for infants and is reputed to release succinic acid when warmed by baby’s skin, thus reducing pain.  

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet-colored form of cool, clear quartz crystal. Iron inclusions change the transparent quartz crystal into amethyst. It has been worn since ancient times to reduce pain and help the wearer to keep a “cool head”. Some people hold amethyst crystals or wear a necklace when visiting the dentist.  

Together with amber, lavender and peat, Amber Amethyst Teething Cream calms and reduces pain and inflammation from teething.