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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to meet real, human health needs. 

First among them is to change the way we think about health and illness. By taking a closer look at nature and what lessons can be learned, we realize the benefits natural medicine can have on the body. We strive to bring that connection between human health and the natural world together through an integrative, homeopathic approach.  

Our Standards

We are highly selective about the ingredients we source and how they are used to make our products. At the core of each and every remedy we create, is quality.


FDA Regulated

Each of our products goes through rigorous quality and safety controls, making sure to meet even the highest of expectations. 


Cruelty Free

None of our products are tested on animals, ever.


Responsibly Sourced

Perhaps what we’re most proud of – our ingredients are hand selected and sourced from biodynamic farms that meet our expectations of clean, green and sustainable.  



All of our ingredients are natural and organic, and we never use GMOs.  

Our Farms

We strive to source all of our ingredients from biodynamic farms – where a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to gardening comes first. Our plants and herbs are grown naturally, organically, and free of pesticides and GMOs. 

Moreover, we listen to the land, and integrate restorative agricultural practices into our growing and harvesting process, cultivating biodiversity and a healthy, sustainable growing environment for years to come.

Our Leadership


Founder & CEO

Mark is an experienced, passionate pharmacist by training who is driven by meeting the needs of doctors and patients. The focus of his entire career has been producing and facilitating the availability of anthroposophic medicines. He founded Uriel in 1996.